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Summary is a handmade online market based in Egypt, that encourage skilled and qualified craftsmanship to publish their products and genuine crafts in one place, to provide a wide range of Egyptian handmade products with competitive and convenient price with relevant high quality.

[zass_icon_box title=”Craftsmanship” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-diamond” icon_style=”zass-clean-icon” color=”#e9e7e2″]We have the best craftsmanship as Yadawie select the best after through evaluation.[/zass_icon_box]
[zass_icon_box title=”Materials” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-leaf” icon_style=”zass-clean-icon” color=”#e9e7e2″]We provide diverse materials (Copper, Metal, Leather, etc. ) with wide range of price.[/zass_icon_box]
[zass_icon_box title=”Shipping ” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-truck” icon_style=”zass-clean-icon” color=”#e9e7e2″]We ship inside Egypt, and for outside Egypt send us at mail on[/zass_icon_box]
[zass_icon_box title=”Order” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-shopping-basket” icon_style=”zass-clean-icon” color=”#e9e7e2″]You can make order through website or our phone 01112880227 or our Facebook page.[/zass_icon_box]