Use AdBlock in incognito or private mode

If you want to stop your employer, ISP, or anyone else from seeing what you’re up to on the web, you’ll need to take additional steps to protect your privacy. For true anonymous browsing, use a VPN along with incognito mode to hide your IP address and encrypt all your web traffic. Tap the Airplane Mode icon again to turn it off and use your phone normally. Repeat the steps every time you want to delete your incognito history on your iPhone. This information is recorded in the DNS cache — even when you’re surfing incognito. The DNS cache helps speed up your browsing by ensuring your browser doesn’t have to check the DNS server every time to revisit a site. There are several apps and extensions out there that prove valuable in blocking websites.

  • Generally, the icon displays the tray up but does not open up in almost any window when clicked.
  • A message will pop up that says “Finish on New ,” and you will be prompted to sign in and manage the settings on your new iPhone.
  • That means if you save a bookmark for an adult website or service, it’ll show up in your bookmark folder.
  • One of the best selling points of a separate child account is that Incognito Mode cannot be used and is disabled by default.
  • Copy and paste the following location in the search bar located at the top of the screen.

Many have reported that a manual download and installation of the latest GPU drivers have solved the issue for them. After doing all these steps, check whether theerror code 0x0003is resolved or not. Many users have reported that using this hack helped themfix GeForce experience error code 0x0003 problemon Windows 10 computer. Open the application once it is installed and let it download any drivers you might be missing or update the existing ones. If the 0x0003 is caused due to a stuck network adapter, we will need to reset it to its default configuration.

Once your iPad has been factory reset, you can use your backup to restore your data. If you can’t access your device, the most careful approach to wiping it is to destroy the flash memory chip that houses your data. This way you don’t have to lose sleep if you didn’t use a strong passcode, or worry about a forensics vendor being able to recover any of your personal information. But first, let’s go over the official route to wiping your device, which is ideal if it is an option for you.

Fix the most common mistakes when downloading files in Chrome

Here’s what to do before selling or recycling your iPhone, including how to factory reset an iPhone. After you read up on this, learn how to fix a frozen iPhone,how to save battery life on iPhone, and what to do if your iPhone is disabled. When you factory reset your iPhone or iPad, it completely erases all the content on your device. That is, your personal data will be deleted if it isn’t backed up.

Method 4 for Restoring iPad to its factory settings without the Apple ID or password

Once you have located it, open it up and click on the “Uninstall” button located in the upper-right corner. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the process of uninstalling Solitaire may vary depending on the phone model and operating system you are using. However, some tips on how to uninstall Solitaire from a phone can be found below. Click on the “Delete” button to delete the files. Click on the “Save Files” tab and select the files you want to delete. There are a few ways to restore your Solitaire game. The easiest way is to use the Windows 10 backup feature.

Doing so, you’re launching the Services window. Follow the above-mentioned methods one by one unless you find a way to execute this error from your computer.

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