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The Only Theme You’ll Ever Need for

[zass_typed txt_before_typed=”Your Handmade” rotating_strings=”Blog,Shop,Portfolio” typed_style=”h2″ typed_alignment=”zass-typed-centered” static_text_color=”#ffffff” typed_text_color=”#f3a395″]
Zass is a Beautiful WordPress / WooCommerce theme made especially with handmade artists and artisans in mind. It’s suitable for all kind of information, portfolio or blog sites, but it’s incredible, custom built e-commerce features are what makes it stand out from the crowd.

Beautiful Homepages

[zass_banner title=”Main Home” subtitle=”Default Home Page” image_id=”996″ link=”” button_text=”LOAD PAGE”]
[zass_banner title=”Left Header” subtitle=”Hero Video Section” image_id=”998″ link=”” button_text=”LOAD PAGE”]
[zass_banner title=”Portfolio Home” subtitle=”With Fullscreen Background” image_id=”1001″ link=”” button_text=”LOAD PAGE”]
[zass_banner title=”Banners Home” subtitle=”With Product Slider” image_id=”1005″ link=”” button_text=”LOAD PAGE”]
[zass_banner title=”Personal Home” subtitle=”With Animated Elements” image_id=”1008″ link=”” button_text=”LOAD PAGE”]
[zass_banner title=”Coming Soon” subtitle=”Detailed Hand Crafted Goods” image_id=”591″ link=”#” button_text=”LOAD PAGE”]

Make it Yours

Available Exclusively on ThemeForest.